Back Yard Bible Club – Finish the Race

If you thought you saw a lot of little athletes in the area from August 1-4, you did. Finish the Race was the theme for this year’s Back Yard Bible Club (BYBC). It was four fun-filled days of worship, games, crafts, teaching time and missions.

Each day we started off with some fun Olympic-type games. Archery, javelin, golf, bowling and a ring-toss were some. At each game we earned tickets so we could purchase prizes at the Olympics Store. Then we spent some time in Worship with Carson and the BYBC Band. We sang some new songs with fun motions and some more familiar ones.


In teaching time Coach Jayson and his friend Runner Ralph helped us learn about the importance of the Bible and how it can help us know how to live our lives for Jesus. We learned about how we all make mistakes and fall short of what God wants for us, but also how Jesus came and how He can help us finish the race of our lives well by following Him and His plans for us.


We had a great time with some other fun outdoor games guided by Trey and Mark. Praise God the weather cooperated, no rain! On Wednesday we played water games, which was quite a relief because it was very warm outside and getting wet felt great. We learned how to have fun and work together as a team. There were four teams: Little Gymnasts, 3-5 years old; Team Runner, 5-6 years; Team Swim, 7-8 years; and Team Crew, 9-11 years.


Craft time was another fun station that we visited. We each made an Olympic Torch the first day. On day two, the older kids made tie-dyed tee shirts and the little ones painted whatever they wanted on their tee shirts. We made a Gold Medal on the third day, as well as a cute cube craft that had a holder for each team’s picture!


Our last station was an emphasis on missions and this year we learned about Wayside Cross which is a mission organization right near us in Aurora that ministers to homeless people and others. We learned about some of the ways this organization helps families and how we could come alongside them. We helped make warm blankets for the residents and put together goody bags with some hygiene items and some yummy treats. We also made praying hands cards and wrote sweet notes to let them know that we were thinking about them and praying for them. All were fun activities the kids loved doing. The last day we helped make little fuzzy sock cupcakes for the ladies. Very cute! Thank you to everyone who donated items to make these activities possible.


We ended our time together every day with a few more worship songs. On the last day we had a visit from a fire engine and a police car. We thank the West Chicago Firefighters and Police for very generously spending time with us and answering our questions and letting us explore their vehicles! Also, on the last day we had a drone fly over and take some videos for us. Thank you Mark Westlund for that fun!

fire engine

We had an average of 57 little athletes each day and we praise God for the opportunity to share the Good News about Jesus with each of these children!! Every day after BYBC was over there was an amazing meal made by a very special group of ladies to serve all of the volunteers and their families. I believe that around 70 people were fed each day. Praise God that we did not have to think about supper on those busy days. Such a blessing!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this year’s Finish the Race BYBC a huge success! See you next year!! – Barb