A Rockin' Back Yard Bible Club

If you noticed more vines, monkeys, Venus fly traps and other strange things around lately it’s because we had a Rockin’ Rainforest BackYard Bible Club going on around Water’s Edge from July 31st through August 3rd. We had around 93 Tiny Toucans, Crazy Chameleons, Groovy Gorillas and Jammin’ Jaguars attend during those four days.

Every day it was two hours of fun, including worship, teaching, crafts, missions and games. We began each day with games, fun active worship songs with Mr. Trey (aka The Rapper and sometimes in a gorilla mask!) and the band.

In teaching time Jungle Jim and Amazon Anne taught us about the “5 C’s” — Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Cross and Consumation. These are big words but they helped us learn how God had a plan for the world He created, from the beginning of time until Christ comes for us, so we could be with Him forever. We took a fun jeep ride every day into the jungle and met a special friend named Ricky who helped us get these truths into our hearts.

We played some fun games with Mr. Trey and Mr. Scott in the gym. We even got to get wet on Wednesday playing water games outside.

In Craft Time we made some awesome Colorful Rainsticks, fun stuffed snakes and a collage of different items in rice to remind us about the 5 C’s!!

In our Missions Time we learned about the Joy family and how they serve the Lord in Brazil. We gave offering money to help them purchase and fix airplanes, so they can reach people with the love of Jesus!

We certainly cannot forget the wonderful dinners that were prepared for us teachers, leaders and helpers each night so we could just relax and share what happened during our time in the Rainforest. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made this such a special week and especially to Lindsay York, who worked especially hard and coordinated it all! See you next year! – Barb