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Fall 2006 - Volume I - Issue 3



A few weeks ago, approximately 25 Alpha and Omega students attended a bonfire at the Sturms’ home for an end-of-summer party. We worshipped God with singing and guitar around the campfire. We spent time just hanging out, whether it was undertaking secret missions, eating smores, or just laughing with one another. It was a great bonding time for all of us. We also shared a great time of prayer together. One of the nicest things about Alpha and Omega, for me, is that we all feel comfortable around each other. Throughout the night, the love we all have for each other was really shown. Just a shout out to the Sturms: Thank you for letting us use your home. It meant a lot to us because we really grew spiritually while having fun. Thanks, leaders, too, who helped us to have a blast. Altogether, the night was fantastic. What a blessing for all of us.




Heaven came down and God’s glory filled the sanctuary on Sunday morning, September 17, 2006, when six persons were baptized to testify to their commitment to Christ. Two adults and four teenagers spoke of their experience with the Lord and their desire to follow Him in obedience just before being baptized by Pastor Clark Wooten. “...Not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience—through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:21. Joy was evident throughout the entire church, packed with old friends and new, adding to the delight of what the Lord has done. Pastor Wooten preached a power-packed sermon on 1 Corinthians 4, primarily verse 5, emphasizing that no matter our position in the body of Christ, high profile leader or lowly listener, we all are simply God’s servants. We were saved to worship God alone and serve Him. The clear call of Christ to Himself was compellingly presented to the attentive congregation.




Multi-flavors of ice cream and multitudinous toppings were featured at the WCBC Ice Cream Parlor on Sunday evening, September 10, 2006. Seven appropriately dressed servers stood behind a pink-striped and scalloped counter and turned out sundaes, shakes, and floats in abundance, along with cookies and fun. The whole gym was transformed into an amazing 50s soda shop with small tables, IceCream1memorabilia, wall posters, and music! The Barbershop Singers wowed us with their close harmony presentations. (Something seemed “different” about their voices. Hmm-m-m...) The Missionettes filled in with amazing renditions of “Quanta la Gusta” and “Near You” (sounding strangely like the Andrews Sisters. Probably just our imagination). They were so good, they were called back for an encore!

Missionary Sheri Felty told us of God’s provision and leading in her life that took her to Spain three years ago as a PE teacher of missionary kids at Evangelical Christian Academy. An impressive slide show gave perspective on Spain and the area in which Sheri serves. Sheri longs to see her students grow spiritually and to reach out to unsaved young Spaniards through a sports ministry. She emphasized a need to pray for favor with the local gym. Since ECA does not have its own gym facility, Sheri hopes to coach basketball at the local gym, integrating ECA students with local students, providing great competition for ECA students and excellent outreach opportunities. Sheri urges WCBC to pray for her landlord, Juan Antonio, and her language instructor, Maria. Neither is a Christian yet, but Sheri is praying! She thanked us for our partnership in prayer with her.




Running a few minutes behind (last minute teacup washing!), I entered the Reception Room on Sunday, September 16 to find over 50 WCBC ladies & friends just beginning the first course of the High Tea. Lemon Scones with Clotted Cream and homemade Strawberry Marmalade! I quickly found a seat and was immediately asked: "What do you think clotted cream is?" Discussion ensued. Consensus: we don't know, but whatever it is, it was good. Three more delicious courses followed. The Women's Ministry Team, together with the elders' wives, had really outdone themselves. The room was beautifully decorated, down to the vintage handkerchiefs placed in the center of each table for four. Charming china teapots were whisked away and refilled. Plate after plate of homemade culinary delicacies were savored, with a decadent chocolate mousse finale. Thank goodness recipe booklets were provided!


Tea2Festive or retro hats adorned nearly every head, from a practical-yet-stylish straw model to an elegant one with gorgeous feathers. Many ladies brought teacups from home, each with its own fascinating story. With laughter and conversation, friendships were begun, built upon, and renewed.




Tea1Cora Wooten used her collection of unique teacups and accessories metaphorically to describe our relationship with Christ and encourage us in our faith walk. The Women's Ministry Team also shared the many exciting activities and events planned for the upcoming year. (Pick up a brochure from the Welcome Center if you didn't get one!) My first High Tea was over before I knew it! Many thanks to the many hands that prepared this perfectly lovely afternoon.










On August 19, 2006, the Alpha and Omega teens went to the Air and Water Show. It was tons of fun. We buried each other in the sand and played frisbee and football out in the water. IT WAS LOUD: SONIC BOOMS, ENGINES, JETS. Over all it was really fun. After the show we went to Ed Debevic’s. We had a blast there, shooting straws at each other but most importantly we ate A LOT. We were all starving. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.




At times, you could smell mouth-watering aromas: Were you there?

At times, you could hear peals of laughter: Were you there?

At times, you could have heard a pin drop: Were you there?


We shared some stirring moments at the Spring Missions Conference in April 2006: Were you there? On Sunday morning, April 23rd, Danny LopezLopez (Youth For Christ) challenged us actively and purposefully to reach our neighborhoods for Christ. That evening, the Joys (Asas de Socorro, or Wings of Help--Brazil) gave us a glimpse of the vast spiritual needs of Brazil, and encouraged us with reports of God multiplying their Kingdom work through aircraft maintenance and hospitality. GrayFamilyCropMike and Barbara Gray (TEAM--Japan) challenged us to follow our Savior by leaving the local harvest field to go across the lake to reach the spiritually lost and needy there. In the evening, they delighted us with stirring music and testimonies of God’s faithfulness over the years of their ministry in spiritually starved Japan. The embers of our hearts were stirred into flames for what God is accomplishing around the world in and through His servants!


If you missed all the excitement of this Spring’s conference, don’t despair! Mark your calendars for the Fall Missions Focus on November 5-6. Here’s a sneak preview: Picture eight to ten vehicles whizzing around West Chicago with video cameras whirring in search of clues in a missions scavenger hunt! Picture fifty men dressed in concert attire singing praises to God and giving joyful testimony of His faithfulness and love! Picture mouth-watering delicacies to satisfy your sweet tooth! Picture a Missions Minutes featuring 23 of your church friends sharing with you their quest toward serving short-term in Greece! Have I piqued your interest? Mark it on your calendars--November 5th and 6th--and join us for a truly memorable time!




More than twenty 3rd through 8th graders take over the Reception Room every Monday night. Who are all those kids? They're the hard-working West Chicago Children's Chorus, getting ready for a Christmas concert.

Mark your calendars for Sunday evening, Dec. 2. You won't want to miss this evening of classic and sacred Christmas music. These kids make music.




A perfect August Sunday afternoon found many WCBC members and friends enjoying each other at the annual Church Family Picnic. Chicken, ham, hot dogs, salads, desserts, and even snow cones and popcorn more than satisfied every taste. Some picnickers sat at tables, some in folding chairs and some on blankets, returning again and again to the delicious buffet offerings. There were games for everyone of every age to participate in. As the afternoon progressed a little guy (initials DJL), who’d been eyeing the covered swimming pool, shouted, “Water, water!” as the pool was uncovered. Swimming, splashing, yelling and laughter quickly followed as the younger set answered the cry with great delight, the bolder ones even braving the water slide. As people finally drifted off, they expressed their pleasure and thanks. Thanks for those who had worked to provide the food and fun. Thanks for the Hams for their yearly generous hospitality of house, yard, and pool. Thanks to God for such a wonderful church family.








Some quick WCBC reader can grab the 2006 edition of The Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World by Billy Graham. It comes highly recommended by our librarian, as “the best book I’ve ever read on living the Christian life in a practical way,” so you’ll want to get there first! Did you ever wonder how to express Christ’s love to others? Check out Acts of Love: the Power of Encouragement by David Jeremiah. For your marriage and family, you might enjoy Marriage Takes More Than Love by Jack & Carole Mayhall and Real Family Values: Keeping the Faith in an Age of Cultural Chaos by Robert Lewis with Rich Campbell. Children may like I Can Talk to God Anytime, Anyplace by Jennie Davis and On the Wings of the West Wind by Joni Eareckson Tada.







Scrapbook/Project Night: Monthly (except Nov./Dec.), every 4th Friday, 6:30 P.M., Reception Room.

Titus 2 Groups: Share a meal, the scriptures and prayer monthly.

Sew Fabulous: Bring your UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) to the chapel the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Warm fellowship may spur you to finish!

The Seventh Annual Christmas Tea: Thursday, December 7. “Reflections,” an elegant event to share with friends.

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