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Summer 2007 - Volume II - Issue 3


A New Church - A New NameTod

Water’s Edge Bible Church is our new church and our new name. Because none of the names originally submitted for a vote emerged as a clear favorite, Water’s Edge Bible Church was selected by the Board to bring to the two churches for a vote. The new name carried with 94% positive votes. The idea behind Water's Edge is two-fold. The nation of Israel gathered at the Jordan River before entering the Promised Land, standing at the water’s edge in anticipation of what God would do. So standing at the water’s edge evokes an attitude of anticipation. Secondly, as a church, we are inviting people to drink the living water that only Christ can provide. He told the woman at the well in John 4:14, “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.” Coming to church is like coming to the water’s edge and being invited to drink of the living water Christ offers each of us. Included in the name would also be the word Bible. The value of having Bible in the name is that it lets people know that we have a strong commitment to God’s Word. The Scriptures are the foundation upon which our church is built, and we know the truth of His Word stands forever. The new name reflects the spirit of this merger in the sense that it is a true combining of the names we originally had. God has brought us together because together we are better equipped to further His kingdom. I look forward to the weeks and months ahead as we pursue a common goal, to see more and more lives changed through Jesus Christ!

* * * * * * *

Water's Edge Bible Church Elders

Gregg lives in West Chicago and has been a member of WCBC since 1992. Gregg and his wife, Sandy, have been married for 31 years and have 3 adult children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren, all of whom attend WCBC. After working in sales for 29 years, Gregg is currently enjoying his passion as a carpenter and co-owns a building and remodeling company. In addition to serving as an elder, Gregg has served as a deacon, AWANA worker, and Sunday School teacher. His hobbies are fishing, horseback riding, and amateur radio.

Maurice lives in Wheaton and has been a member of Water's Edge Church since 2002. Maurice and his wife, Sarah, have been married for almost 18 years. They have two children, Benjamin (11) and Olivia (9). Maurice is a Sales Manager for PepsiCo and enjoys playing golf, tennis, basketball and cycling.

Bob lives in Winfield and has been associated with the West Chicago Bible Church for 28 years. He is a physician who is currently working with hospitals in need of help with improving their clinical quality. His wife, Jean, is the daughter of Howard, Westlund, one of WCBC's previous pastors. They have three daughters - one married and two in college.

Dennis works as the manager of operations for a large financial institution in downtown Chicago. Dennis and his wife, June, have been active in West Chicago Bible Church since 1999. They have been married for 33 years and have three adult sons who also live in the West Chicago area. Two of their sons are married and one son and his wife have two children - also boys.

Mike resides in West Chicago and has attended Water's Edge Church since its beginning. He is employed as a set-up man/machinist/shop chairperson at ACA in Streamwood. He has been married to Glenda for 26 years and says that, "Outside of my salvation, Glenda is the greatest gift God gave me." Mike and Glenda have two sons, Jacob (19) and Joshua (21), and a granddaughter, Sara (4). Mike enjoys hunting and fishing but states that his main focus is living by Psalm 1.

Chuck lives in West Chicago and has been a union Sheet Metal Worker since 1972. He has attended West Chicago Bible Church since 1980. He married Debbie in 1972 and they have four grown children and seven grandchildren. His hobbies are fishing, snorkeling, and bike riding. His body has made him give up on basketball, volleyball, and softball, his past hobbies.

Troy lives in West Chicago and has been married to Diane for 14 years. They have three wonderful boys: Noah (10), Samuel (8), and Elijah (5). Troy has been a member of Water's Edge Church for 5 years and has served as an elder for the past three. He graduated from Calvin College in 1993 and has worked for his family printing business, Darwill Press, for 15 years. Troy is currently pursuing his Masters in Ministry at Moody Bible Institute and is on the board of the Uganda Orphanage Relief Fund <www.uorf.org>.

* * * * * * *

Talking with Pastor Tod…Tod1

On Moving to the Chicago Area: Pastor Tod is originally from Texas, where he was a youth pastor for 8 years in the Dallas area. He felt led toward adult ministry as he interacted with the parents of the teenagers, and realized that the demands of youth ministry were becoming challenging for his family. Pastor Tod and Cynthia agreed that the Lord was leading them toward a pastorate—and thus to a church in Bloomingdale, the seed of Water’s Edge. Pastor Tod & Cynthia gladly moved to their home on York Ave (just down the street from St. Mary’s), after two unpleasant weeks in a rundown motel in Wheaton.

On Do-It-Yourselfing: Pastor Tod and Cynthia owned two fixer-uppers before coming to West Chicago, and Pastor Tod has experience in painting, drywalling and framing, and even in SHOCKING electrical work (which he will not be attempting again anytime soon). The current project is the conversion of their seasonal porch into part of their home. For daylong projects, he admits to having to hit Home Depot or Menard’s two extra trips.

On meeting Cynthia: Pastor Tod and Cynthia met at Texas A&M at a “midnight milking.” Huh?! Texas A&M is an agricultural school, and rural Texas is relatively quiet, so the “midnight milking” at the agricultural building was an extracurricular event! Pastor Tod admires and appreciates Cynthia’s willingness to walk alongside him, wherever God leads them.

On his children: Brynn (12) loves horseback riding, animals, and reading. She is also entrepreneurial, with her own summer pet-sitting business! Tucker (10) loves sports and music, and is the resident video game connoisseur. He is also learning to play the guitar. Sweet and gentle Tate (6) is a future CEO by temperament: he would love to keep the family on his schedule! Tate enjoys “saving” things, particularly candy and money. “Why money?” Pastor Tod & Cynthia asked. Tate replied, “So I can buy more candy!” Sounds like a sharp kid! Princess Libby (4) loves pretty things and tells Pastor Tod that he’s romantic. Bike rides with Libby take longer than usual as she stops to admire anything cute or pretty – flowers and puppies are among her favorites! Ty (1) is full of smiles and has been the slowest of any of the children to begin moving around. Why go anywhere when you have four siblings to bring things to you? Ty celebrated his first birthday on July 22.


Ty, Cynthia, Libby, Tate, Pastor Tod, Brynn, Tucker


On family activities: The Eenigenburg family enjoys neighborhood walks and trips to the park. The kids especially enjoy movie nights at home, where Pastor Tod & Cynthia will rent a family movie, make popcorn, and settle in for a fun evening.

On his favorite dinner: “A couple of kids ago that would have been easier to answer!” But, seriously, Pastor Tod most enjoys a Pasta Shells Florentine dish that Cynthia prepares. The Eenigenburgs enjoy meals at The Cheesecake Factory, although they don’t make it out there often. Maggiano’s is also a favorite – large portions mean leftovers!

On life balance: It’s tough! Pastor Tod tries to abide by three principles: Leave work at work – so he can try to be present at home and at his best, set aside time for exercise, have quiet times with the Lord (with five kids, “quiet” is hard to find!).

On his favorite Scripture passages: Tod’s favorite passages have varied along with life’s circumstances, but he is currently relating to Philippians 3, which encourages the believer to press on, with the knowledge that we haven’t yet arrived! “If Paul hasn’t arrived yet, I certainly haven’t!” That’s good encouragement. Pastor Tod also appreciates the story of Peter walking on water, and reminds us that it can be viewed as an expression of faith, not simply as Peter’s failure. Pastor Tod would rather step out in reliance and faith on the Lord and risk sinking, than not step out at all. The opportunity to further God’s kingdom is worth that risk!

On future hopes: Pastor Tod considers it a true privilege to pastor the merged church, and he doesn’t take the position lightly. He is excited to get to know the crowd from WCBC and is looking forward to the great things God has for the whole WEBC church family in the future!

* * * * * * *


Food, Fashion, Fellowship

At a time when we’re looking ahead with great anticipation, the ladies of WCBC took time out for a time of fond remembrance. On May 11th, 55 ladies and children met for an evening of food, fashion, and fellowship. After a lovely salad supper, our emcee led us in singing some old songs. Ten young ladies modeled fashions of the 30s, 40s, and 50s.




Three women gave testimony of growing up at WCBC and recalled many of the people who had been active in the Bible Church through the years—a great reminder of the spiritual heritage and blessing in West Chicago.


We closed our time together by singing “God Be with You.”

* * * * * * *


The Breakfast Club

On Saturday June 16th, men from both Water’s Edge Church and West Chicago Bible Church met to fellowship and enjoy breakfast at the Oakfield Restaurant in Winfield. Thirty men came to make it a great turnout. One man commented that it was a hopeful sign for the future of our soon-to-be-combined churches.


Pastor Pastor Tod Eenigenburg gave a brief but powerful devotional from Isaiah 50:4-11. He talked of how we are tempered by trials and that although it is sometimes hard to see as we go through hard times, God is at work conforming us into the image of Christ and that there can be a certain joy in the pain. The knowledge that just as the Servant of Isaiah 50 submitted himself to the reproach of men for the sake of the Lord’s sovereign plan, we too can walk with assurance that our Father will also see us through our daily trials. As long as we set our faces as a flint and surrender to his plan for us we cannot fail. It was encouraging to see all the guys who came. The Men’s Ministry team is looking to the future and is planning a men’s retreat, possibly in the early fall. There will be more men’s breakfasts; some of our guys will be making pancakes at church for the next one. More information will be forthcoming.

* * * * * * *



What better way to end the school year than to stay up all night with your friends? The youth group’s lock-in at Aquascape was great. There was so much to do and so little time to do it all. The best part of the night was not all the games or the staying up all night and just hanging out with all the people, but the time we set aside to thank God for the wonderful night we were having. Mark and Kiran led worship, a great way to reconnect with God after all the stress and busyness of the end of the school year. God came and met us right there—in a gym with exercise equipment all around us.


It is an amazing feeling to worship God no matter where you are. We all had a great time, and we can’t wait for the next lock-in. We would like to thank all the leaders who took time out of their schedules to stay up with a bunch of goofy teenagers who can get a little hard to handle after no sleep and lots of caffeine. Thank you for all that you have done for the whole youth group.

* * * * * * *



The sun tried to break through the clouds on Saturday, June 22nd, at the beginning of the Women’s Ministries Garden Walk, but the rain won out.


Looking on the bright side, the overworked gardeners could skip the morning watering. Several of us popped up our umbrellas and ventured out anyway, not wanting to miss any of the eight gardens opened to us. The rain was light, the flowers loved it, and beauty greeted us at every home.


Distinctively different, and differently sized, each garden clearly demonstrated the interests and personality of each gardener, whether by the flowers chosen, the arrangement of the flower beds or the fascinating items placed among the growing things.


Our sincere appreciation goes to all those who opened their gardens to us. In mid-afternoon the rain ceased and the sun won! More visitors ventured out and many capped the afternoon with cookies and punch served on the expansive porch of the beautiful and gracious Tye House, built in 1891. Departing guests were surely thinking of their gardens and what they would be planting next year.

* * * * * * *


WCBC Children’s Theater

On Sunday May 6th the West Chicago Children’s Chorus performed their second spring play, Rescue in the Night, the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. The twenty-one choir members, ages 8 to 14, worked hard at their Monday night practices. On the big night, everyone was a little nervous, but each student gave his or her best.


The audience seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the enthusiastic choir members.


Excellent DVDs of the performance, including pictures from the party afterward, are available at the LaPlacas’ house for $4.00.

* * * * * * *

Churches Mix It Up


Meeting and greeting reverberated through the big gym and most of the church building on a Sunday afternoon in June, as Water’s Edge Church people toured the facilities of West Chicago Bible Church, now their facilities too. Of course, considerable munching took place, as goodies prepared by ladies of both churches were offered in abundance. It was a perfect way to get to know names and family connections a little at a time. Those who attended pronounced it a joyful time, full of hope for what God will do in the future of the merged church, sensing the devotion to Him that was obvious in the hearts of all.



Feeling, "Let’s do it again," folks from both churches gathered on Sunday evening, July 1, to enjoy barbecued brats, hamburgers, hot dogs and other delicious dishes at a picnic in Armstrong Park, Carol Stream. Those who wanted activity before eating played a rigorous game of softball or, if very young, enjoyed the large and well-outfitted play area right next to the spacious pavillion. The long tables and benches under the pavillion roof offered comfort and fellowship for those who wanted to relax and chat. After dinner games brought out the competition, determination, and endurance of those who participated. It was another great way to move our relationships closer before becoming one and another chance to contemplate anew how our great God had led us onto this path that seemed a perfect fit for both churches.

* * * * * * *