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Winter 2007 - Volume II - Issue 1


Dave “The Tool Man” Fetzer, WCBC’s Interim Pastor

Ever hear of the Dusenberg 1932 Model J Roadster? It’s Pastor Fetzer’s favorite dream car, followed by the 1940 Ford Pickup. Pastor Fetzer was interested in cars even when he was a boy growing up in Ohio with his two brothers at home with his parents, who were affiliated with Baptist Mid-Missions, a GARB mission agency. He bought his first car at 16 and has owned a total of 78 cars since then! Tinkering with his folks’ car and then taking Auto Shop, where he learned to treat rust and paint cars, led to a money-making hobby for him. He’d buy a car, fix it up, then sell it for a profit. Some income from this avocation paid for Sheryl’s engagement ring.

He picked Sheryl out of a cafeteria line during his freshman year at Cedarville College and married her shortly after he graduated, 43 years ago. They stayed in Cedarville while Sheryl finished her teaching certificate. Then they took off for Dallas Seminary, where Dave put down his car-painting tools and took up woodworker’s tools in a carpentry job to make money while he studied. Since those days, he’s polished those building skills on numerous projects. Recently he worked on their cottage near Lake Carroll, and now he’s helping his daughter’s family with their new home in Wheaton.

But Dave’s favorite tool, through all these years, is God’s Word. He tries to come to it practically, asking, “What does it say? What does it mean to me? How can this help people?” He was a youth pastor, and then a pastor, and then—after completing an MA in Communication—a professor at Western Baptist College in Salem, Oregon. Their daughters, Amy and Becky, were born during these years.

Twenty-five years ago, he came to teach at Moody Bible Institute. There he participated in a speaking ministry that took him all over the world. For 12 of these years, he was Chairman of the Communications Department. During the 90's, he completed his Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min). Nowadays, he has cut back to just teaching and helping churches like ours during times of transition.

Sheryl has been busy rearing the girls, working at Windsor Park Manor, and then doing administrative work at Wheaton College. She and Dave continue to be active with their family, as they have three—soon to be four—grandchildren.

Pastor Fetzer was willing to come a second time as interim pastor at WCBC. He sees a future for our church family as a place where we can “establish programs and ministries that minister to those people not attracted to mega churches,” which are now so prevalent in Chicago-land. While we wait for the Lord’s timing in bringing us a new pastor, we’re glad for our tool-using interim, who uses his communication tools and the tool of God’s Word so effectively among us.


Reflections: The Seventh Annual Christmas Tea

At the conclusion of the Christmas Tea, the ladies were asked to reflect on the evening and give written feedback about any aspect of their evening’s experience. The following are comments made by women who attended:

“A gracious annual event to celebrate the Christ in Christmas.”

“Really enjoyable, beautiful,delicious, wonderful performance, enlightening, but I’m not a believer.”

“Wonderful evening--warm welcome--great fellowship--yummy food--inspiring presentation. Thank you!”

“The program was beautiful, the food was great, the hostess was wonderful. God’s blessings on all.”

“We are happy to have experienced the spiritual love of Jesus and Mary.”

Upon their arrival at St. Andrews Golf Club, ladies were warmly greeted by men from WCBC to hold the door, park the car, and usher them into the elegant banquet room. Inside, Eric Godoy and David LaPlaca warmed the atmosphere with soothing background music and other WCBC men circulated with punch as the ladies greeted one another and viewed the beautiful, individually decorated tables. Once seated, the more than two hundred ladies in attendance were graciously served sandwiches, fruit, and sweets by the men. Before leaving the room for the evening, the men serenaded the ladies with a chorus of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

The purpose of the evening was to enjoy the beauty of fellowship, eat delicious food, and take time to be still and remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. God became man, and who better to tell the story to women than “the woman Jesus called Mother.” Maggie Rowe dramatized Mary’s lifelong reflections, from her days of dreaming about what it might be like to be the mother of Messiah until her years as an elderly woman who knew that she had borne the Savior that everyone, including herself, needed. The presentation was described by the ladies as “insightful,” “powerful,” “moving,” and “inspiring.” Many indicated in one form or another that the program had “made me think,” and some indicated on their response cards that they wanted to know more.

As they left the room after this special evening, the ladies had an opportunity to interact with Maggie personally. But they were leaving in a different frame of mind than when they had entered. One woman commented, “This set the tone for the Christmas season."


Men Meet Together

Food wasn’t the main attraction at the two men’s breakfasts last fall, but it brought together a group of men to fellowship and hear some of what’s going on around the church. One such report was given by Pat Watson, who reported on his latest mission trip to Peru, which was designed to build up and instruct the leaders of the Pucalpa church’s children’s ministry. Pat shared about the impact his adventures in Peru have had on his life and his walk with Christ.

Men’s breakfasts will be held on a regular basis during 2007, primarily to give time to our men to get better acquainted and more involved with each other. Another great time for this is the upcoming Moody Men’s Conference, Walk Worthy, right nearby in St. Charles. The date is March 3rd, and sign-up is at the event table in the church foyer by February 4. There is a cost of $40, but scholarships are available.


The Silent Auction, Funding the Greece Team

The night of November 18, 2006, was filled with sounds of laughter, feet shuffling, and a bit of ol' fashioned competition. The aroma of freshly ground Papa Nicholas coffee (donated free from Papa Nicholas Coffee shop on Roosevelt Road) and decadent desserts permeated the "He's Bean Faithful" cafe. Eyes sparkled at all the valuable items up for auction. Every 15 minutes tables were closed as items were "SOLD" at the Silent Auction in order to raise funds for the Greece Short Term Mission Trip. The Greece Team members worked diligently contacting businesses for items, or arranging services to be auctioned off. In preparation for the Christmas season, a wide array of holiday and winter items were available. In addition, gift cards, coupons, and discounted services of all kinds were silently bartered over. There were free fitness club memberships, theater tickets, restaurant meals, ice skating lessons, tax services, a wide variety of jewelry, books, toys, an electric Razor scooter, a Great Wolf Lodge Resort package, a Kalahari Resort package, video rentals, handmade clothing items, and much more. A good time was definitely had by all! Altogether, over $3000 was raised toward the March 31-April 12 Missions Trip to Greece. This event was advertised on the church website, on, and (Wheaton College), as well as on-air on WETN's Community Calender. The turnout wasn't huge, but some community folks were introduced to our church. The Greece Team members want to thank all who contributed items for the auction, and everyone who participated in this delightful event.


Women’s Sew-Fabulous

The first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., a group of women can be found in the reception room working on sewing projects. These might be hand or machine quilting, making fleece mittens, even knitting or crocheting—any project that just seems hard to finish. The ladies bring their sewing machines, if needed, and supplies that they will need. Then the sewing, talking, and ohhing and ahhing over what the others are doing begins, ending when desired. There is no food or devotional, and non-sewers coming only for fellowship are welcome. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend or neighbor just to get acquainted. There's no sign-up or attendance taken, but lots of help for projects is available.

And if scrapbooking is your preference, or you’re a wannabe scrapper, every fourth Friday evening women bring their materials to join in the fun and, perhaps, do what they never find time to do at home. Projects and fellowship, laughter and fun begin at 6:30 p.m. in the reception room.


AWANA Adopt-A-Club

This AWANA year was off to an exciting start with a nail-biting coin drive which ran for three weeks to raise funds for the AWANA Adopt-A-Club ministry. Adopt-A-Club is an AWANA program that allows churches in the United States to sponsor AWANA clubs in other countries. Thousands of churches overseas see AWANA as an extremely effective means for leading kids and families to Jesus Christ, but there are many that can’t afford to start and run clubs. An entire AWANA club overseas can be sponsored with merely $240 per year.

WCBC has maintained two overseas clubs for the last few years and it was our current goal not only to continue to honor those pledges, but also to raise additional funds to support the start up of an AWANA program at the church in Pucalpa, Peru, where several people at WCBC have gone on missions trips over the last few years.

Our young people find this giving most meaningful when they are the ones actually doing the sponsoring, so the clubs competed against one another to bring in the highest total dollar amount consisting ONLY of coins! The prize was a brownie and ice cream sundae party for the club. After three weeks of fierce competition, two clubs brought in nearly $200 each, the Girls T&T (third-through-sixth grade) and Trek (junior highers). Mr. Pradel, director of Boys T&T, stated, “The real winners are the kids in the other countries who will be able to have an AWANA program because of the generosity of the kids at WCBC!”

The 5 clubs together brought in $637.24, enough to cover the two clubs that WCBC sponsors on an annual basis, with plenty left over to contribute to the Peru church!

While the coin drive is over, the kids continue to faithfully bring in coins every week to contribute to the total amount raised for the year. All clubbers who participated in the coin drive, as well as in the Adopt-A-Club program throughout the year, receive special patches from AWANA as well as treats from WCBC, at the end of the year. It is inspiring to us adults to see what generous spirits and hearts these kids have.


A Christmas Festival

On December 3, the West Chicago Children’s Chorus showed off their talent in their annual Christmas program. They sang a number of songs, many of them new, such as Medieval Gloria and Festival Alleluia. Some were repeats from the previous year, for example, A Brazilian Christmas Carol. Finally, some were well-known carols, including The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy and Feliz Navidad.Chorus2The choir also performed a short play and a few poems. The choir had practiced every Monday night for almost three months to get their performance stage ready. All of those who came said they enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, during the reception, many of our talented singers received compliments and praise for a job well done.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Performances by this group are superb and not-to-be-missed. Mark your calendars for Rescue in the Night on Sunday, April 29.


Teens Trek

Junior highers know the best place to be on Tuesday nights. From 6:30 to 8:20, WCBC junior highers and their friends participate in a new program from AWANA International. Trek has taken the place of Junior Varsity (J.V.), the old junior high program. WCBC started this club last year. The program is designed to teach kids important biblical truths and help 7th and 8th graders with tough everyday questions such as: Why does God love evil people? Why do some people have more advantages then others? And What am I supposed to do with my life?

In previous years, WCBC junior highers were leaders in the clubs for younger children. Some junior highers would have liked to be leaders, while others preferred Trek. Despite this initial controversy, the program has really taken off and the attendance has gone from four to five kids last year to eleven steady members currently attending.

After a joint opening ceremony with the other clubs, the Trekkers head to game time run by Jim Walker. Then the kids settle down for handbook time in the lower south wing, where they memorize verses and work in their Trek books. Then one of the leaders gives a Bible lesson, and the evening closes after a meeting upstairs with the other clubs.

The group is run by three adults: Chris Gatewood, Hope Lesniak, and Gregg Anderson. Mr. Anderson, the boy's group leader, says he loves seeing the kids happy and thinks the program is progressing. Mrs. Hope Lesniak thinks the best part of being a leader is seeing the excitement in the group. After eight years of working in AWANA, this is Mrs. Lesniak's favorite club. A home-schooled 7th grader thinks Trek is very fun and enjoys "seeing friends and memorizing scripture." A thirteen-year-old says the best part of Trek is "being together like one big family." Know any seventh- or eighth-graders looking for meaningful fun? Tuesday-night Trek is the place to be!


Youth Fund Raiser

The spaghetti dinner/talent show, held to raise funds for revamping the new youth room, had a great turn-out. Because it was our first time, we got a little behind on cooking the spaghetti itself. The kids showed up early in the day and worked hard setting up, decorating, cooking the dinner, and serving it.

The talent show included video dramas, skits, singing, music on the flute, guitar, and piano, and Don Brugmann telling redneck jokes.

The evening ended with dessert in the Reception Room. The kids had a great time and really appreciated all who came. (PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Word was the attendees had a tasty, hilarious, enjoyable evening with great delight in the royal treatment afforded them by the wait staff and the performers.)